How to choose a wedding photographer?

By the nature of my activity, I have often had to deal with situations when the preparation for any holiday, and the wedding in particular, was very “exhausting” the perpetrators of the celebration,

but this did not always guarantee the desired “ideality” of the event. Most often, the “pitfalls” come across in the case with the choice of a hall for a celebration and in search of a reliable professional photographer. That’s the last point I would like to tell in more detail, and I hope that the tips outlined in the article will help save precious time and budget. For repost and distribution will be thankful doubly, because if it does not come in handy to you – perhaps it will be interesting to relatives and friends!


Wedding – a celebration, the memory of which I would like to save for life. No matter how bright the holiday moments are, in human memory, sooner or later they are “overwhelmed” with time, and it is not possible to show these color shots to others. But wedding photos – in standard or electronic format – will allow you to return on the most important day, even after decades. But only on condition that the newlyweds took time to ensure that their celebration was filmed by a professional wedding photographer.

How to find such a pro?

Variants weight:

– By the advice of friends. A distinctive feature of our mentality is the desire to make “no worse than others”. Therefore, first of all, more often than not, searches begin through friends and girlfriends – especially those who already have their own “wedding books” or disks.
– As a service of the event agency. A wedding is a troublesome business, and so many prefer to trust the preparation of the holiday for those specializing in this company. The team of specialists in such companies, as a rule, includes both photo and video operators.
– Through the Internet. It is enough to drive into the line of the search engine the phrase “Wedding photographer [city].”
– Through social networks. Sometimes, even search is not necessary – now many experts themselves are added to friends, send a price tag and constantly update the portfolio directly in their profile.

Whichever of these search options you have not used, you should follow a certain algorithm for choosing a photographer for the wedding. In the future it will save your precious time, money and nerves.

Wedding photographer: 10 selection criteria

1. Experience. In the arsenal of a specialist, whom you want to entrust to shoot your own wedding, there must be dozens of already filmed celebrations. As a rule, these are photographers with work experience of 3-5 years. you can, of course, “risk” by choosing a beginner and saving a significant portion of the budget. Such photo-masters only “stuff their hands” and look for copies for filling portfolios, which means – you do not have any insurance against possible mistakes and force majeure. Think about whether to take risks on such a holiday.

2. Portfolio. If the wedding photographer has posted dozens of albums with works on the Internet – do not be lazy to look through them, as well as having customer feedback. this will make sure that in the photo – real people, not models, and indeed – that the pictures belong to the camera of this particular photographer, and not one of the professional photo studios somewhere in Europe.

3. Price list. Do not be shy to ask what is included in the final cost of the work. It’s one thing – the processing of photos at the level of color correction, and quite another – selecting, editing a movie or creating a photobook. Also keep in mind that an “expensive” photographer is not always a “guru” of shooting. Many overstate the price tag for reasons of 10 years and more experience, although the quality of the work will not be much better than that of specialists with 3-5 years in the arsenal.

4. The specifics of plans. Whichever way you choose a photographer, you need a personal meeting, and not one. And negotiate about it is already when you have a script for the wedding and a complete picture of its conduct. Tell your vision to the photographer to the smallest detail – in the future this will help to avoid misunderstandings. In turn, the specialist will be able to give practical advice on the places of shooting and the necessary accessories, to offer something special. As a result, you will have a clear plan of action, which will allow you to “have time and do not get tired” on your wedding day.

5. Creative approach. Even if it is not the only wedding in your life – you will agree, I want the captured memories to not be “copies” from the photographer’s portfolio. It is very important that the specialist be well-versed in the area where the celebration will take place, even if it is Europe. Now a fairly common trend has become overseas ceremonies and travel on the wedding day. And in this case I especially want to save impressions.

6. Independence. Unfortunately, today there are cases when experienced and expensive photographers kindly “share” their orders with lesser known colleagues, whose price tag has not yet grown. Accordingly, the difference is replenished by its budget, and you are surprised to see at the wedding the wrong person with the camera with whom they communicated earlier. The same situation can be with the processing of finished photos. Therefore, without unnecessary hesitation, specify these moments before you conclude the cooperation.

7. Timing. Shooting at a wedding is only half the battle. You do not just want to “throw a photo on a USB flash drive”, but get colorful, unique photos – in electronic and printed versions, is not it? Therefore, if the photographer is ready to provide you with the footage during the week – most likely, further than the banal color correction, the case “will not go down”. The optimal time for sorting, processing and delivery of images is 1-2 months.

8. Terms of cooperation. They are discussed strictly individually, but be prepared to make an advance payment. For a specialist, this is a guarantee that you will not give up at the last moment, but for you – the certainty that everything will pass as planned. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to secure verbal agreements by signing the contract. A variant of such a document can be offered by the photographer himself.

9. “Training”. Arrange for a pre-wedding shooting as a rehearsal for the main celebration. To shoot, in any case, will be that – a hen or stag party, preparatory moments. First, it is also impressions – as a preface to the main “story”, i.e. wedding. Secondly, “rehearsal” will allow making additional adjustments and wishes, because at the wedding there will be no time for this!

10. Moral comfort. It is very important to find “points of contact” with the photographer, because the best pictures are natural, not staged. So, in the company of a wedding photographer, you should feel the same as in the environment of loved ones and friends – relaxed, at ease and comfortable!

Wedding is the day when everything should be at the highest level, almost perfect. And memories in the form of photographic materials must correspond to this bar. So, we need a wedding photographer, they say, at the level of 80 LVL.

Its main features are:

– Compliance with all of the above criteria.
– Idea that will help turn your wedding into a truly bright, unique holiday.
– Ability to work not only on the territory of the country, but also abroad!
– Knowledge of the best locations in Europe and knowledge of English, which will help orientate in any of the countries of the continent.
– Its video production team, which is able to turn even ordinary pictures into masterpieces of art!
– Ability to create unique handmade photobooks that will preserve the memory of your family’s Birthday for future generations!

You can endlessly “wool” the Internet, ring up acquaintances, or go through the offers of event agencies to find a real professional who will capture important moments of the holiday in the brightest colors. But this is by no means the only issue that future young couples will have to address, given the limited time and budget that requires a clear distribution. Therefore, it makes sense to trust a person with experience who not only provides wedding photography at the highest level, but also helps to circumvent the “pitfalls” already at the stage of preparation for the celebration.

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