Wedding in Greece: for real romantics!

Which of us were not fascinated by the myths of ancient Greece and its architecture, known not only for books, but also for numerous television programs and tourist projects?

Who does not dream to get on its rocky coast and see the sun drowning in the sea waters at sunset? And how many newlyweds are there who would not like to celebrate a wedding or spend a romantic trip in a sunny country, rich in unique landscapes and unforgettable emotions?
Therefore, I have prepared for you a whole virtual tour of “wedding” Greece, from which you will find out what ceremonies there can be organized and why wedding photos from this state are really steep. For attention and repost – thank you in advance!

Ceremony: symbolic or official

Today, there are very popular “standard” wedding scenarios: a registry office, a wedding in a church, etc., and romantic ones that do not have any legal force. And the second with every day gaining popularity. This option is used not only by newlyweds who want to “experience feelings” without burdening themselves with bureaucratic or legislative red tape – especially in foreign countries. Symbolic wedding is a great way to “rehearse” an official celebration planned at home, or remember the day of your own wedding after 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Symbolic ceremony allows you to give vent to the most unusual fantasies and your own dreams, because in this case the “protocol” of the celebration is dictated either by local traditions or by the desires of the young. But the wedding is, first of all, a holiday for two! And in Greece, turning it into an unforgettable, magical festival is quite simple!

As for the official wedding ceremony, it will require additional hassle. The organization of such a holiday should begin at least a couple of months before the planned date, as it will require translation and certification of the whole package of documents required for the registration of marriage in Greece. The same applies to documents that will be issued to the newly-made husband and wife, because they must also be translated from Greek – for the legalization of marriage already in our country. However, the bride and groom will be much easier to immediately transfer the solution of these issues to a specializing in this firm, or simply follow the advice of a knowledgeable person. As such, without too little modesty, I can recommend myself, because over the years I have often visited Greece with newlyweds, and also helped with organizational issues.

Another variant of the marriage, for which they go exactly to Greece – the Sacrament of the wedding. It is erroneous to consider him one of the “symbolic” variants of the wedding, since for the church rite, according to Christian laws, an official certificate of marriage registered at the civil level is required, certificates of baptism of each of the future spouses, as well as a number of other documents of legal and ecclesiastical significance, in depending on the specific case. However, preparing the necessary package will not be more difficult than in the case of an official ceremony. Greece is famous for its rich Christian heritage and a lot of temples and churches, each of which amazes both architectural splendor and authenticity of landscapes, and the rite itself. Here – one of the oldest cradles of the Christian faith, and not every couple is happy to legitimize their alliance with God right here, in the lot of the Mother of God, as these lands are often called.

You can stop at one of the options, or you can combine several types of ceremonies into one unforgettable, fascinating and truly original journey! And of course, to capture this not only in your own memories, but to get a real work of art in your hands – a wedding book with photos worthy of the world’s exhibition stands!

But before proceeding directly to the preparation of the wedding with all the consequences, it is necessary to decide which of the unusual picturesque places in Greece you would like to celebrate the birth of your own family, make a romantic offer or give a start to the honeymoon!

Popular “wedding” resorts in Greece

Crete. What do you want? To spend the most unforgettable day on the beach, reunited with your loved one under the gentle sound of the surf? Or maybe feel like heroes of ancient myths, trying on traditional clothes and crowns of olive twigs? Or mark the birth of a new family in the shadow of olive trees, which Greeks associate with reliability, durability and family comfort? Crete is ready to fulfill these and many other your wishes! You choose the scenery for your wedding – be it the seashore in one of the many bays, an olive grove or a panoramic veranda. Unforgettable impressions you will have not only in memory, but also in photos, which can then be placed in the wedding book!

The island of Rhodes. The cradle of Hellenic culture, over which still rises the majestic spirit of history. It can also be organized as a traditional ceremony “by the sea” in blue tones (it is precisely the heavenly color Greeks consider favorable for the wedding celebration), as well as the “apple” or “strawberry” holiday. Yes, a green apple is a symbol of that very paradise fruit, and at the same time – the personification of innocence, something new. Inviolable. Ceremony, in this case, can be made in a juicy-green color – starting with the orders of guests and ending with small elements of decor. Well, the “strawberry” holiday, decorated in richly red and white tones, will turn the wedding ceremony into a stylish, sunny, “tasty” celebration. And just imagine from which photos the archive of your family will begin!

Kos Island. A special corner of Greece, where nature is combined with developed infrastructure, and the seascapes are in harmony with the numerous “green islands” of parks. There are also possible usual wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremony, as well as organization of festive leisure for young husband and wife.

Corfu Island. One of the most famous Greek resorts, where the wedding can take place in the shade of olive groves or in the garden of roses, where everything is filled with a divine fragrance and incredible floral nuances. A real paradise for the most romantic and passionate couples!

The Halkidiki Peninsula. A truly unique place! Two loving hearts can reunite on the shore of a gently whispering sea, on an endless beach with literally golden sands or on one of the luxurious verandas of a boutique hotel. About what kind of wedding you would not dream of – classical, modern or stylized, here any variant is possible!

The island of Zakynthos. Rich in sun and sea shores, as well as the mysterious architecture and special atmosphere of the corner of Greece. A wedding here is always a special celebration filled with romance and indescribable emotions, whether it’s a symbolic or official ceremony. Or maybe it is here that you will be married?

Peloponnese. It does not matter in which month you planned a wedding celebration, because here it’s always sunny, warm and cozy! And still beautiful, because the harmony created by nature landscapes and man-made architecture – is not the best scenery for cool wedding photos?

Athens. The city is shrouded in myths and secrets, which are not open to every visitor of this land of ancient Greek gods. The wedding ceremony here is a reunion with the historical heritage of Greece, a cocktail of incredible emotions, impressions and desires that are simply required to come true!

The island of Mykonos. If you want your wedding – a symbolic or official ceremony, a wedding ceremony and the celebration of this event were really “smooth and beautiful,” welcome to Mykonos! Why am I so sure of this? Because not one pair with which I had to work for years of practice, chose this corner of Greece, where in a year as many as 300 sunny days! This means that your wedding will take place under the gentle rays of the sun and under the gentle sound of the surf, no matter what time it is on the calendar.

Well, where it happens – on one of the verandas of the hotel, a special place on the beach, in the shade of olive trees or in the vast expanse of the beach – the choice is, of course, only for you! Mykonos is rich in architecture, authentic landscapes, and Christian shrines. This means that there is room for classical ceremonies, and for the most “reckless” holidays, the scenarios of which the newlyweds themselves write!

Another argument in favor of a wedding on the island of Mykonos – the prices of organizational and other services. Here you can organize a beautiful ceremony with a continuation in the form of a romantic evening and a beautiful morning the next day, based on the average budget. I did the same. In turn, I’m ready to guarantee beautiful photos that over the years will keep the colors and emotions of your family’s birthday. Mykonos is a place of beautiful, unique locations, and you can see it immediately by looking at the works in my portfolio!

Santorini. St. Irene Island – this is a long time known for this picturesque Greek corner, rich in unique landscapes, the architecture of ancient civilizations and many temples. The inimitability of this resort lies in its location – on the shore of the Aegean Sea at the foot of a long-extinct volcano. This is also one of the most popular places among our compatriots, where couples want to exchange vows in love, make an official marriage, get married, or celebrate the anniversary of the birth of their family.

As expected, Santorini will please the newlyweds with a wealth of location options where the ceremony itself, its celebration, as well as the romantic evening and the first days of the honeymoon can pass. Most often, the choice falls on the shore of the sea (behind this, in fact, and go to warm sunny Greece). But to choose a site of a villa or hotel will be no less a winning option, especially if it opens a panorama of the sea and that ancient volcano. How many times here you do not happen – each time you can discover something new and unexplored, such that the spirit intercepts! And this is felt by all the couples with whom we had to work in this truly beautiful place.

And from my point of view, as a professional photographer, I can safely say: in such locations and photos are obtained as natural and effective as possible. When people feel that the holiday was created just for them, the newlyweds, and not in the form of “representation” for the guests – they really enjoy the moment, and these emotions are well captured by professional equipment. Therefore, when people come to me for advice and help in organizing a wedding on one of the Greek islands, I recommend those locations where everything will be “sharpened” for the character and preferences of a particular couple. The results of this approach are in my portfolio!

Some more useful tips

– Answer yourself to the question of why you decided to celebrate a wedding in Greece. If you want to turn the celebration into your personal holiday, unlike others and others, romantic and unforgettable – the choice is better to stop at a symbolic ceremony. This will save the budget for processing and translating documents into “both sides”, and also enjoy the celebration in full. Vivid emotions and impressions, as well as their fixation on cool photos are guaranteed!

– If, however, you want a wedding in Greece according to all laws and regulations, including the wedding – note that the validity of the issued documents is 3 months. This means that translated and approved documents for official registration of marriage issued in our country must be “used” in Greece during this time. With the registration of the same documents issued by Greece, at home, there is also no time to wait. About how this happens in practice, and how to arrange everything as quickly as possible, I can gladly tell you in person.

– What exactly is not worth saving – on the services of a photographer. Yes, in our time of advanced smartphones and the general availability of gadgets with this statement, someone can argue. But the wedding is a special day, and for many – the only one of its kind for life. In such moments, you just need to enjoy the spectacle, your own emotions and feelings, and not worry about whether the “moment” is correctly recorded and whether “doubles” are needed. Entrust this business to a professional with experience, and then the day of your marriage will be imprinted in all colors and richness of tones!

I recall that the practice of foreign filming for me is quite common, and cooperation with the video production team, knowledge of the best locations in Europe and modern equipment allows you to offer you a really high-quality product, oriented to your desires and preferences.

You, if you wish, will not only have beautiful photos, but also a handmade wedding book, which keeps the brightest moments of the main event in your family’s life, which will take place in one of the most unusual places not only in Europe but the whole planet!

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