Wedding in Italy

Today I want to talk about one of those European countries where the celebration of the wedding always takes place in an atmosphere of romance and other inexpressible sensations.

To your attention – Italy in all its colors and riddles! Country Romeo and Juliet, beautiful palaces, sea smoothness and the most trepid sunrises and sunsets! If you want to make your own wedding or a triumph of friends unforgettable – be sure to keep this article, because in it I’ll talk about the most popular locations and intricacies of organizing “Italian” weddings.

5 reasons to celebrate a wedding in Italy

1. Originality. During the existence of the marriage ceremony in the Slavic lands, much has been tried and ordinary. Therefore it is not surprising that the newlyweds are looking for an opportunity to stand out and turn their wedding into a truly unforgettable celebration filled with sun, romantic landscapes and a unique taste of European cuisine. Italy in this regard is an ideal choice.

2. Loyal bilateral legislation. The organization of a wedding in Italy, whether it be an official ritual or a symbolic ceremony, does not require prior residence and a number of other conditions. There will be no problems in the reverse order, i.e. when registering a marriage, concluded on the territory of Italy, in our country. The formalities are settled according to a simplified scheme. And if you take into account that today you can go to European countries in a visa-free regime – you can state the complete absence of formal obstacles.

3. Naturalness and magnificence of “scenery”. Otherwise, it is impossible to express Italy’s locations where it is possible to hold a wedding ceremony, observing all stages. The ancient palaces and specially designed rooms, historic sites and luxurious plantations of vineyards, coasts of the seas and lakes or the water surface of Venice – all this in a jiffy can turn into scenery for your celebration! Well, the wedding photographer, of course, will do everything possible (and not only) to bright colors of landscapes and your emotions are preserved in colorful photographs of the wedding book!

4. The variability of the organization. This point is directly related to the previous: Italy in all the varieties of locations will celebrate the triumph of marriage in virtually any style, from the Middle Ages and ending with a wedding in “Gansterg” or similar styles. You can also consider this country as not registering a marriage, namely a holiday for two. Painting in the homeland – flight – and Italy at the feet of the newly-made husband and wife!

5. Impressions. Perhaps, this argument could be put first, but I want to dwell on it in more detail. To whom as not to the photographer having considerable experience of shooting in different locations of Italy, to know what awaits the newlyweds in each of the picturesque corners of the homeland of Romeo and Juliet.

Let’s get to know each other!

Venice. What can be more romantic than traveling on the water surface on a rented gondola? Is that only a ceremony in one of several places specially designed for such celebrations in the city! The wedding here will necessarily combine romantic, luxury and refinement, and this is the dream of a large half of all the brides of the world!

Verona. Here everything is imbued with the feelings of famous Shakespearean characters. And it is especially bright during the wedding ceremony, organized in the “Juliet’s house” – a luxury villa not far from the tomb of beloved Romeo.

Florence. If you want a Renaissance wedding, here! What does the Palazzo del Signoria cost, not to mention cozy streets, unique aromas, exuded by coffee houses, and beautiful landscapes of local gardens and parks!

Milan. With the very utterance of this word, brides are thrilled: still, exclusive dresses from this shopping capital – the dream of any princess! And to spend here your own wedding day means to plunge into a unique atmosphere, where history and modernity, the Middle Ages and today are in harmony.

Lake Como, located near Milan. Here is a unique microclimate, allowing you to reign with good weather all year round. Well, a panoramic view of the Alps and the smooth water, the abundance of exotic plants and flowers, replacing each other seasonally – you can only imagine! But it’s better to be there personally, because even the most eminent writers of the world will not create the best scenery for your wedding!

Lake Garda. The largest lake in Italy, located in the north of the country. On its shores are scattered numerous villages and some cities, to celebrate the wedding in which the newlyweds are traveling from all over the world. Pooled by a pond, three regions of the country are famous for their winemaking, abundance of cuisine and other local authentic handicrafts.

Sirmone – one of the cities on the shore of Garda, famous for the Castle of Scaligers. Fort, which originally served as a security fortress, today attracts thousands of tourists from all corners of the globe. Magnificent stone towers, decorated with battlements, stone squares, breathtaking inner vaults are beautiful both in the daytime and at night – thanks to the multitude of lanterns. The accent of this beauty is a panoramic view of the lake and nearby villages. A beautiful place, capable of presenting truly unique sensations in the most important day of life!

Vicenza is one of the unique Italian cities, striking with a wealth of architecture and authentic landscapes. Wedding photos made here are always like real works of art. And there is nothing to say about emotions – it is necessary to feel it!

Dolomites, or the Dolomites. ‘”Eastern treasure” of Italy, on the slopes of which are numerous settlements with all the benefits of civilization. If you adore the mountainous terrain and fresh air, or want to add extreme music to your honeymoon trip – it’s time to think about organizing a celebration in the Alps!

Lake Lago Maggiore, washed by its clean waters of Italy and Switzerland. On its shores there are popular resorts, wedding ceremonies in which are always memorable and bright, impregnated with sun and special air. One such is the city of Stresa, rich in green parks and architectural splendor dating back to the past centuries. Panoramas of the city and water landscapes – what more exciting background for wedding photos you can dream of?

And these are just some of the pearls from the jewelry box that Italy represents. And you can open it for yourself on the day of the wedding, the birth of your own family, the union of two loving hearts. To present something more romantic, quivering and unforgettable is really difficult, and I had to hear about it not from one pair of happy newlyweds.

How to prepare for a wedding in Italy.

It is necessary to decide what you want to go there: to spend an unforgettable weekend after official celebrations at home, or to celebrate the wedding from the beginning to the end. In the first case, it will be enough to take care of the availability of exit documents (passports, tickets, in some cases – visas). Plus – booking a hotel, booking places where you are going to organize festive leisure.

In case you are interested not just in the symbolic, but in the official wedding ceremony in Italy, preparation should begin at least 2 months before the planned date. And then let me give myself another tip: when planning a grandiose celebration, it is better to turn to someone who will help you organize everything step by step, based on your preferences and legislative nuances.

And if you want really bright impressions, and also want to fix them in high quality photos – at your service a wedding photographer with knowledge of the best local locations!

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